8 days

Whew it’s been a weather here. A week ago today, early in the morning, it started snowing as if being blasted from a fire hose, and the temperatures went down way below freezing and stayed there until today.

So now there is slush everywhere, but even so walking is easier than it’s been for a week, and tomorrow it will be more so. I just walked up and down the block 8 times because the sidewalk is naked from one end to the other and that’s still a rarity. Before that I walked to the library – it had been closed for the whole week.

Your Chicago and Minneapolis don’t close down when it snows but then it snows a lot more there, and also Seattle is all hills.

It was 108 Fahrenheit here during the heat dome, and 17 F during the snow week. I think that’s a record temperature spread for one year.

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