What about the human rights of child abusers? Like the right to keep abusing the child? What about that, huh?

A major Boise hospital went on lockdown for about an hour Tuesday after far-right activist Ammon Bundy urged supporters to go the facility in protest of a child protection case involving one of his family friends.

Ammon Bundy isn’t just an “activist.” He’s a violent intruder and occupier and vandal and intimidator.

Earlier in the day, Bundy released a statement on YouTube warning that if an acquaintance’s young child was not returned to the family after a hearing Tuesday afternoon, that “Patriot groups” would take action.

Bundy later released another video telling people that child protection workers were poised to move the baby from the hospital to a foster home, and telling them to show up at the facility immediately.

And why was the baby at the hospital or with child protection workers instead of the parents?

The baby was temporarily removed from from family custody last Friday after officials determined the 10-month-old was “suffering from severe malnourishment” and at risk of injury or death, according to a statement from police in the city of Meridian near Boise.

The baby’s parents had refused to let officers check on the child’s welfare after the family canceled a medical appointment, the police statement said.

So Ammon Bundy’s “cause” here is the freedom of parents to starve their babies to death.

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