And the award for biggest flight risk goes to


Oregon Public Broadcasting:

A federal judge in Portland denied Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy bail at a hearing Tuesday.

Not very surprising, is it. The guy doesn’t even recognize the jurisdiction, so how could he possibly not be a flight risk? He’s a fella who considers himself entitled to resist law enforcement with guns, so how could it be safe to let him out on bail?

Magistrate Judge Janice Stewart agreed with prosecutors that Bundy posed a flight risk and a danger to the community, and should be held in jail while awaiting trial.

If he’s not, nobody is.

Before Bundy’s Tuesday hearing, a family member said he isn’t dangerous or a criminal and should have been released from jail because he isn’t a flight risk.

Hahaha sure, and that thing where he’s been hiding on his ranch to avoid arrest for two years? That was just a prank. He’s a prankster.

Prosecutors called Cliven Bundy “lawless and violent” and told the judge not to free him because he doesn’t recognize federal authority.

There’s a limit even for white guys.

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