Conor Friedersdorf set off an interesting [cough] exchange of views by asking if preschool children can understand what gender-obsessed adults mean by “non-binary.”

I don’t think young children will understand a word of that. I think complicated explanations with many moving parts and unfamiliar concepts just go over their heads. What kind of “love” are we talking about here? Do we know that preschool kids understand it? I think they understand statements like “I love my cat”; “your sister loves you”; “Mommies love their children very much.” I don’t think they understand the kind of love where a boy loves a boy and so he’s called gay. I think it’s both absurd and sinister to try to coach them on Gender Ideology at age 4.

People of Twitter of course don’t agree.

Hm. No it isn’t. Kids learn 1-10 early, and they learn to count 2 things or 6 or 10 early, because it’s not complex. It’s how many fingers you have for a start. It’s not the same kind of thing as erotic love or gender dysphoria, let alone magic identity and being “non-binary.”

(How much easier all this would be if the favored label were GNC instead of non-binary. Not conforming to the rules of gender requires zero acceptance of bullshit, while non-binary requires a non-stop supply of it.)

No, see, again, that’s not a good analogy. All those examples are small discreet facts, not big woolly mysterious concepts.

The real issue of course is that a lot of people want to feed this big woolly mysterious horse shit to preschool kids so that they will absorb it and assume it’s true starting as young as possible.

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