As the party continues to flounder

So the Telegraph gets to report that Labour doesn’t know what women are.

Stella Creasy was wrong to assert that a woman can have a penis, a Labour minister has said, as the party continues to flounder with the issue of defining womanhood. 

What oh what is a woman? We just don’t know…except when we want to know which people to catcall on the street, which people to pay less, which people to forget to promote, which people to rape, which people to boss around.

Anneliese Dodds, the Labour Party chairman, was asked on Sunday if she agreed with Stella Creasy, her fellow Labour MP, that a woman can be someone who was born with a penis. 

Ms Dodds, who is also shadow women and equalities secretary, said: “No, I don’t agree with her. Biological females obviously aren’t. Of course, there are also trans women who have made a transition in their gender, but sex is not the same as gender. Obviously, I have a huge amount of respect for my colleague Stella Creasy, she has done a huge amount of campaigning for women – but on that issue around biology, I do have a different opinion.”

The Telegraph points out that this is a shift from what Dodds was saying just a couple of months ago.

This “gender” ploy is pretty absurd, really. It’s like saying adult humans can put on costumes and pretend to be Eleanor Roosevelt or Shakespeare or Rosa Parks or Vladimir Putin and we will all say they’re not literally those people but they are pretend-those people so we’ll be polite and play along with their game. We don’t do that. We don’t play let’s pretend games with adults…with the single large but clearly demarcated exception of acting, in the sense of movie and theater acting. We do the willing suspension of disbelief thing as audiences at plays and movies, but we don’t carry it on beyond that. Why is “gender” so different? Why is the word “trans” so magical?

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