Blam blam blam

Well that’s normal and safe and decent, just the sort of thing we want in a member of the US Senate.

Don’t be fooled. He doesn’t just stand there with the gun, and give us a talk. He goes all the way.

Bill Donahue at the Post says it’s a trend:

In late April, Republican Senate candidate and former Missouri governor Eric Greitens posted on Twitter a rather unsubtle video that captured him visiting a shooting range with Donald Trump Jr. As the clip opens, Greitens and the former first son are already hunched over their semiautomatic rifles. One second in, we watch as the shooters fire a hail of bullets — two hails, actually — until they pulverize and then fell a body-shaped metal target. “Liberals, beware!” Greitens soon intones with a grim “Terminator”-like finality.

Today’s video makes that one sound like a clip of puppies and kittens frolicking in a garden full of peonies.

During the Super Bowl, Senate candidate Jim Lamon of Arizona ran an ad that was styled to look like an old western movie and starred himself as a gun-twirling sheriff firing at a sheepish actor dressed to resemble Joe Biden. In Georgia, Mike Collins, a Republican in a U.S. House race, trundled a wheelbarrow full of paper into the forest, then shot at it as viewers realized he was turning “Nancy Pelosi’s Plan for America” into a cloud of confetti and smoke.

Let’s promote shooting at stuff!!! That’s a good idea!! We’re not addicted to shooting at stuff enough yet!! Buffalo and Uvalde weren’t enough, we need more!!!!!!

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