When you operate with the value of compassion first

Yet more terms that need to be defined. “Compassion” for instance.

If you operate with the value of compassion first, why does the compassion go to the Lia Thomases and not to the women he deprives of wins and medals? Why does he get compassion while they get told to accept it and shut up? Why does he matter while they don’t?

As for just disgusting, it’s what Rapinoe says that’s just disgusting. It doesn’t have to be every scholarship and sport and title to be unfair. There isn’t a rule that says a few people can cheat because it’s only a few. And it’s women who lose these scholarships and titles, women specifically, not men, because women have overall physical disadvantages compared to men. It’s not as if Rapinoe doesn’t know this, but she throws women overboard anyway and urges “compassion” for men who steal women’s places and medals.

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