Challenge those Karens

Some deep breaths taken; back to Futrelle.

Rowling came up with the idea for Beira’s Place, she told anti-trans feminist Suzanne Moore, in what can only be described as a fit of pique caused by remarks from Mridul Wadhwa, the trans woman in charge of Edinburgh’s Rape Crisis centre.

Wadhwa had said that transphobic clients of the centre would have their bigotry challenged.

Futrelle simply assumes that the clients in question are “transphobic” and that their awareness that men are men is “bigotry” and thus he implies that Wadhwa was right and virtuous in promising to bully women who need rape crisis services for knowing that men are men.

Wadhwa also said it was possible to “reframe” one’s relationship with trauma so that “it becomes a story that empowers you and allows you to go and do other more beautiful things with your life.” As a result of these comments and the fact of her being a trans woman in the first place, the Edinburgh Rape Crisis centre endured a torrent of death threats and other abuse from transphobes that led to the centre having to lock itself down.

In other words Wadhwa was right and virtuous while the women who objected to his role at the centre and his outrageous entitlement in lecturing them were wrong and evil. Wadwha was an innocent benevolent victim of “abuse” from “transphobes” and that’s all there is to it.

Furious at Wadhwa’s comments, Rowling didn’t send any mean emails; she just decided to build a Rape Crisis centre that wouldn’t employ, or serve, Wadhwa’s kind.

That is, Rowling decided to fund a rape crisis centre for women.

So here she is, funding a service that avoids the “politics” of the sexual abuse of women by systematically excluding a whole class of victims.

Men are not a whole class of female victims. Men are not a whole class of victims of the sexual abuse of women. It’s only women who are female victims, women who are a whole class of victims of the sexual abuse of women.

The idea behind excluding trans victims is that cis women need a place to go where they feel safe. Never mind that there’s no evidence that trans women accessing support services would make cis women less safe. If feelings of safety are all that count, racist whites could make the same argument about a shelter needing to exclude women of color.

Trans women are men. Will men accessing support services for women make women less safe? I wonder why Futrelle doesn’t ask himself that question. (No I don’t. It’s all too obvious why he doesn’t.)

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