Conference agreed

Grim. Unison, the UK union for public service workers, has declared war on gender critical feminism.

UNISON local government conference unanimously passed a motion in support of trans rights this afternoon, recognising the importance of the union being loud and visible in support of its trans members.

Speaking in support of the motion, UNISON LGBT+ delegate Anu Prashar commented on the hostile media treatment of trans women in particular saying “this is the same tactic used against gay men in the section 28 era, when they were portrayed as sexual predators and a danger to children. We have seen it all before.”

No, it isn’t. It isn’t the same at all. Why is it “trans women in particular”? Because they push women aside and try to usurp everything that belongs to women – our rights, our sports, our refuges, our resistance, everything. Because trans women are men, and thus are the dominant half of the woman-man dyad. Because trans women are men and thus are used to being able to demand respect and obedience and anything else they want. Because trans women are men and thus a potential danger to women in some circumstances.

“This is why our union needs to be at the forefront of this debate, making sure our trans members are able to go to work free of fear, harassment and bullying.”

But what about their women members?

The motion also encouraged the negotiation of inclusive language in local government agreements and policies, urging branches to promote the fact sheet ‘why pronouns are important’ and ask employers to adopt a policy that allows all staff to have their pronouns on name badges, ID cards and email signatures.

Next year it will be requiring all staff to have “their” pronouns on everything.

The motion also included a commitment to provide members with materials to counter the ‘gender critical’ narrative and provide information on the links between the gender critical movement in the UK and the far right.

It’s not a narrative, it’s analysis and activism. Calling it a narrative is a sneaky way of calling it a lie.

Conference agreed that targeting a minority, and spreading false information to provoke hatred and distrust by preying on people’s fears, are ‘classic far right recruitment tactics’.

Conference agreed all that while targeting a minority and spreading false information to provoke hatred and distrust.

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