Hugs, tears and cheers as we have voted to disappear ourselves

Oh good god. The BC NDP Women’s Rights Committe proudly announces its own suicide:

Hugs, tears and cheers as — after many passionate conversations — we have voted to approve a historical name and constitutional change today! We’ll now be known as the Women’s and Gendered Rights Committee. Changing our constitution to welcome in two-spirit, non binary and gender nonconforming folks.

#intersectionalfeminism #biggertents

Yaaaaaay hooray hooray hooray yet another thing women don’t get to have for themselves but have to share with men who call themselves “two-spirit” or non binary or gender nonconforming – which basically means all men, because anyone can simply say “I’m gender nonconforming.” So haha yay women don’t get to organize as women any more, so go home bitches!

There are, as you might expect, many critical comments, which the committee replied to with more infuriating bullshit:

We are proud to continue to do good work supporting women. Our resolutions this year included asks that covered everything from Period Promise to abortion rights and safety to increasing access to legal aid. We have proudly, for years, included space for trans women. Because they are women. And we were proud this weekend to make a few more people feel welcome.

We will continue to make safe space for women. It will continue to be a space free of those who use the him/his pronouns. We are proud to be inclusive of other folks for whom gender has been cause of their discrimination and lack of safety. And we will continue to support those in our community who need it most and advocate on the issues that affect people.

So what are they going to do, confirm all members’ use of pronouns? How would they even go about that? They won’t, will they – it will just be a matter of self-declaration. Anyway even if Joe with the beard and the habit of talking over women does use eccentric pronouns, what’s that got to do with women’s need to organize and meet as women?

Not one god damn thing.

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