Green Party Women explain

Green Party Women on Facebook:

A recent issue, taken out of context of its intent, has arisen and caused quite a stir. As a result, the committee of Green Party Women would like to reassure our sisters that we by no means intend to erase women’s identities by forcing members to define [in] relation to men. “Non-male” and “women” are not synonymous.

However, Green Party Women are happy with uses of the term “non-male” as an umbrella term when gender balance practices are conducted. This umbrella term groups together all who face gendered oppression; women, transgender women and individuals of non-binary or no genders. We all deserve to be recognised and included.

For too long, marginalised women have been excluded from most women’s movements and circles. As a group we affirm that trans women are women, and that non-binary genders and other gender identities experience oppression and deserve respect. After all, we are part of a political party, The Green Party, which has a proud history of inclusivity.

We stand alongside our sister group, Young Greens Women, on the events that unfolded recently and apologise for any misunderstandings caused through incoherent statements on our part. We have since removed any posts that are not clear enough on this emotive issue, as some have left stances open to too much interpretation.

There will always be members who are anti-choice, anti-sex worker rights, disagree with terminology etc, as women are not a homogeneous group and occasionally members will disagree with each other. However, it is our duty to look out for and campaign with the most marginalised women in our society, and we would like to assure members that we remain committed to do so.

Green Party Women Committee


Sure, “non-binary genders and other gender identities” deserve respect. Everyone deserves respect. But how does that mean that non-binary genders and other gender identities need to be included in women’s groups even if they’re not in any way women? As I’ve asked before, why is it always women who have to move over?

Also, I dislike that dogwhistle “anti-sex worker rights” in the last paragraph. People who oppose full unregulated decriminalization are not anti-sex worker rights. On the contrary. I’m very sick of that calumny being thrown around.

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