Sheikh Hasina to the killers: have fun

More on Sheikh Hasina’s view of the freelance murders of atheists in Bangladesh, which is basically “go right ahead, we approve.”

In a recent exchange with the ruling awami league supporters and active leaders, Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina has brazenly supported the machete wielding killers of Bangladesh atheist bloggers who have already hacked to death at least seven atheist bloggers and publishers of free thinking writers. Many of the bloggers had been hacked to death in open daylight on the streets of Dhaka the capital while the police had been reluctant or incompetent to arrest anyone responsible. The wording of the premier who has been the chief executive of the government since the questionable one party election in earlier 2014, has effectively given the killers a green signal that they can carry on their business and the government will not interfere. “Everyone has to hold their tongue, has to maintain a level of decency in what they write. If they write something provocative and something bad happens, the government will not take responsibility.”

So, that’s blunt. Nobody can say that’s not clear enough. If a murderer murders you for writing something “provocative,” you had it coming and the murderer will not be rebuked.

Talking with the similar minded party workers and leaders the questionably elected premier also opened up and frankly expressed her thought about the recent happenings in the countries webspere.

She was quoted as saying, “If someone writes filthy things about my religion, why should we tolerate it? ”

The premier also said, “Recently it has become a fashion to call someone a freethinker who says nasty things about religion. I do not see any free thinking here. All I see is filth.”

“Why would they write such nasty things”, she asked. “I obey the commandments of my religion, if someone writes bad things about the person whom I obey as my prophet; it would not be acceptable to me. Those who do this only make their filthy mind known to the world” said the premier elected in an election widely viewed as a sham.

Well there you go. She may not have meant a word of it; she may have said it to mollify the religious maniacs in Bangladesh, out of fear or ambition or both; it doesn’t matter. She put into words the thing that makes religion so dangerous and so destructive of all human projects. She treats the make-believe “commandments of her religion” as if they were both real and binding. They are neither. Laws are human things, contingent and temporal, and they must be subject to change. The result of treating them as sacred and immutable is what we see here – a head of state telling religious fanatics to go ahead and murder dissenters.

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