Controversial how?

I’ll never understand why people can’t (or refuse to) think clearly about this. It’s not as if it’s subtle or obscure. From the Guardian Australia:

Liberal MP Bridget Archer has blasted fellow Tasmanian senator Claire Chandler’s controversial legislation allowing sporting groups to exclude transgender people from single-sex sports as “a vanity bill” and “not government policy”.

Why is it even “controversial”? Obviously men need to be kept out of women’s sports. Everybody knows perfectly well why. If women’s sports aren’t limited to women then there are no women’s sports. Why shouldn’t women have sports?

Archer – who crossed the floor in an effort to secure protections for transgender children during the recent parliamentary debate about religious discrimination – characterised her colleague’s proposal as “unnecessary and divisive”.

There. Like that. How can she say it’s unnecessary? How can she throw women overboard like that? Why is she refusing to think clearly? Or pretending to be unable to?

She said the Coalition needed to desist from a culture war that had real world implications for vulnerable people.

Again. Why the stupid reversal? It’s women who are vulnerable to losing their sports, and/or to being injured while playing them. In this conflict women are far more vulnerable than men who say they are women. Why is Archer pretending not to know that?

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