Correct beliefs required

Don’t even bother trying.

A former NHS chief executive has been told not to apply to work with a transgender clinic because she believes that a person cannot change sex.

Kate Grimes, who has a history of transforming troubled hospitals, was told not to waste her time applying for the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust as her belief in biological sex was “not a viewpoint” they want.

What next? People have to believe in god, or witchcraft, or reincarnation, or homeopathy to work for the NHS? Belief in obvious well-established facts shouldn’t be a disqualifier for a medical institution.

The Tavistock has now been accused of breaking equality law by discriminating against those with gender-critical beliefs, just months after the appeal court ruled it was protected under the Equality Act.

“Gender-critical” is kind of superfluous, really. We just believe that sex is what it is, and that it’s not magically changeable. We believe what everyone has always believed. Some beliefs of that kind are wrong, of course, and can be changed via evidence or argument or both. But “men are not women” isn’t that kind of belief. There hasn’t been a new discovery that shows men are women if they say so. We’re not wrong to go on believing (i.e. knowing) that men are not women.

The trust, which provides a national service for treatment of gender dysphoria including for children, is recruiting for a new chairman and non-executive directors after an external review found multiple corporate governance problems and “deep seated” cultural issues.

And why? Because of this absurd new belief that men are women if they say they are, the one that is apparently a prerequisite for working there.

Ms Grimes is now calling on Sajid Javid to intervene to ensure that an external body takes over the process and to launch a review into the processes. In a letter to the Health Secretary, Ms Grimes said that the trust was “exacerbating its governance failures – and breaking the law – by refusing to interview anyone who believes biological sex cannot be changed”. 

And guaranteeing that it will get only dogmatists applying.

Ms Grimes told the Telegraph that patient safety was at risk if “clinicians are working from a belief system rather than evidence-based care”.

Indeed. They might as well hire Charles Windsor for the job.

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