Deliberately vague

There’s just so much daftery in Luke Easley’s replies at the tribunal.

In other words the head of HR at this economics research institution “had a problem” with renewing Maya’s contract because he thought she might possibly “misgender” someone even though she had told him she would not. Apart from anything else it’s just so tiny and childish.

“There was risk.” What risk? That a grown woman might refer to a grown man as “he.” What kind of “risk” is that?

Then there’s an interesting exchange about a report which was deliberately vague but not, you know, deliberately vague as in hiding anything from Maya. Just…you know…that other kind of deliberately vague.

Why…that sounds as if they were hiding something.

And this is the HR guy, remember. It’s his job to make sure Maya is treated fairly…but instead he appears to have decided to his own satisfaction that she was a threat and must be bundled out without a chance to defend herself. HR guy for some but not others.

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