Well Jackson, Mississippi is only the state capital and the largest city.

Some 180,000 residents in Jackson, Mississippi have “indefinitely” lost access to reliable running water after excessive rainfall and flooding.

That happened to New Orleans after Katrina, too. Remember? People desperately begging reporters for water to drink. Many people died because there was no drinking water.

Rising floodwaters over the weekend breached the city’s main water treatment facility, bringing it to the brink of collapse.

…Both the city and state are distributing bottled drinking water to residents as well as non-potable water via tanker truck.

I hope they’re distributing the drinking water in mass quantities and very fast. Death from dehydration is swift.

The southern state’s capital is more than 80% African American.

Could that have anything to do with an underfunded infrastructure? Anything at all? Hmmm?

Mississippi is our worst state in many ways. It was the best state for growing cotton, so it had a huge population of enslaved people, and then of people who were theoretically free but in reality still enslaved via “vagrancy” laws and similar that forced them to work on plantations just as if nothing had changed. It’s not an accident that that’s where Emmett Till was murdered or that that’s where Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner were murdered. I doubt it’s an accident that Jackson has a weak infrastructure.

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