Do female people even matter?

Biden says the Supreme Court move to ruin the lives of millions of women might actually matter because hey it might be trans kids next.

Joe Biden has warned of new attacks on civil rights as the supreme court prepares to strike down the right to abortion, telling reporters at the White House that LGBTQ+ children could be the next targets of a Trump-dominated Republican party he called “this Maga crowd” and “the most extreme political organisation … in recent American history”.

Focus, Joe. Never mind the purported next targets, focus on the current targets, the people formerly known as women. Ever heard of them?

“What happens,” the president asked, if “a state changes the law saying that children who are LGBTQ can’t be in classrooms with other children? Is that legit under the way the decision is written?”

Why do you ask, Joe? Why isn’t the decision’s effect on women enough to object to?

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