Equal and fair play

I kept meaning to get back to that ruling that it’s fine for huge hulking boys to compete against girls as long as the boys say they are trans girls. The ACLU is delighted to see girls deprived of opportunities and wins in this way.

They’re such liars these days. The issue isn’t “trans youth” or “transgender students”; the issue is boys invading girls’ sports. “Trans youth” are not an issue for the boys, but boys are an issue for the girls, whether they identify as trans or not. This ruling doesn’t harm boys, and it does harm girls, so that’s fine then.

“Trans youth have a right to equal and fair play,” says the ACLU smugly, no doubt via the keyboard of Chase Strangio. Sure, trans youth and all youth have a right to equal and fair play, but what does that mean? It certainly shouldn’t mean that boys who are either pretending to think they are girls or actually deluded into thinking they are girls get to destroy girls’ sport. Girls have a right to equal and fair play too, and letting boys take over isn’t that.

The fact that Strangio and the ACLU are so careful in their wording hints that they actually know perfectly well how grotesquely unfair this is.

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