Female athletes face bigger issues

Narcissism continues its march through the institutions:

transgender mountain biker dominating the women’s competition has said it’s ‘horrifying’ that critics think people like her are ruining the sport.

People like HIM. Of course people like him will, if allowed, ruin women’s sport.

Kate Weatherly, 20, who began taking hormone blockers when she was 17, said a proposed open competition for transgender athletes would ‘limit their abilities’.

It will “limit their abilities” only in the sense of limiting their ability to cheat by competing against women and thus ruining the women’s sport.

The New Zealand athlete was considered an average rider when she formerly competed in the men’s open division, where she usually finished about mid-pack.

But competing against women of course he wins every race. Bully for him.

In a recent appearance on TVNZ, Weatherly said female athletes faced bigger issues than concerns over transgender women ‘ruining the sport’.

That may be, but it’s beside the point. Weatherly still has no business competing against women, and he’s a flagrant bully to insist on doing so in the face of objections.

‘People talk about the fact that we’re coming in and ruining the sport, but there are way bigger issues that women in sport face,’ she said.

Nevertheless having entitled pigs like him come along and tell them what issues they get to talk about, and that he gets to ruin their chances because there are worse things, is more than big enough.

She told Stuff that she disagreed with a proposed gender-neutral category for transgender athletes because, in her mind, she is a woman.

And the Mail is helping him with all this she her crap.

‘My thing is, I’m not gender neutral. I’m a girl. The whole idea of a third category invalidates my sense of identity,’ she said.

And he considers “validation” of his “identity” more important than women’s opportunities to play women’s sports. He’s entirely happy to ruin it for all women who have to compete against him, for the sake of his precious idenniny.

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