The utter patronizing stupidity of these people.

Of course by “inclusive” they don’t mean what sane people mean by “inclusive.” Of course they mean exclude women by talking about people instead of women.

No it is not “exclusionary” to “center” i.e. talk about women and women only in pro-abortion “messaging.” Why? Because men don’t need abortions, that’s why. Why don’t men need abortions? Because they can’t get pregnant. Most adults know this kind of thing.

It doesn’t matter if some women “don’t identify as” women. That’s just childish trivia. A few adult women want to play let’s pretend, ok, that’s embarrassing but it’s their business, but the rest of us do not have to avoid using the word “women” to humor them. Abortion rights are deadly serious business, and this frivolous nonsense about make-believe genders is a grotesque intrusion. Go all the way away.

“We just ask that you remove all mention of women from your protesting.”

Fuck all the way off.

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