Forget it, Jake, it’s Fashiontown

Kids and bondage:

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga has apologized for featuring children cuddling teddy bears dressed in bondage gear in its latest advertising campaign.

In its original press release, the company said that the line featured “dozens of new products ranging from homeware, petwear and scent, from everyday items to limited-edition collectibles and bespoke furniture.”

But there was an angry response on social media to the shots which featured young children with plush teddy bear bags dressed in what looked like BDSM-inspired outfits. One child is pictured with an assortment of empty wine glasses.

They’re luxury bespoke kids, all right? They’re fine with it. They’re sex workers, it’s kink, get over yourselves.

“We sincerely apologize for any offense our holiday campaign may have caused,” the statement said.

Always the way. Any offense; may have caused. They have no idea what everyone is so pissed off about, but they’re nice people so they’re willing to say soooooooreeeeeeee you’re offennnnnnnndeddddddd and move on to the next shoot.

Hours after issuing the apology, Balenciaga posted a further statement on Instagram apologizing for displaying “unsettling documents” in a separate campaign, referring to documents from a Supreme Court case relating to child pornography laws.

They what now? This eloquent guy has the details:

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