Girls suffer from body image?

School urges girls to wear “shapewear” to deal with body image issues. Mother not impressed.

So this is what my 8th grade daughter brought home from school today. I am beyond pissed, though I’m not sure if I’m more pissed at the fact that they had the “balls” to send this home or the VERY IGNORANCE of the “counselors” at the school.

So you begin this masterpiece detailing how damaging a negative body image is for girls, how the stress of conforming to an impossible perceived image can adversely affect their mental health, and then OFFER TO GIVE THEM SPANX SO THEY CAN BETTER FIT THE PERCEIVED IMAGE?!? What. The. Very. F@$&. How, in the hell, are you promoting a positive body image by saying “here, you’re too fat. You need shapewear to make you look thinner.” Are you freaking kidding me?

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That is honestly the battiest thing I’ve seen in some time. A school handing out bras and other “health products”? Even apart from the twisted message, isn’t that just a tad intrusive? Not to mention “shapewear” – what used to be called “girdles.” I’ve always thought it was progress that girdles went out of fashion; little did I imagine schools would start pushing them.

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