Guest post: A particularly fiendish iteration of the Trolley Problem

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? at Miscellany Room 8.

We as a species are now taking part in a real life version of a particularly fiendish iteration of the “trolley problem,” in which we are pondering whether or not to throw the switch, riding in the trolley, and tied to the tracks all at the same time. We are the dinosaurs and the asteroid. Our current situation is an unprecedented superposition of disasters and catastrophes reinforcing each other and reverberating around the globe. The greatest threat to our way of life comes from our way of life. Climate, biodiversity, water, food, resources, war. The people who are in the position to control the situation (to the dwindling degree that such control remains at all possible or effective) are ultimately going to be subject to many of the same dire consequences as those riding the trolley or caught in its path. The timing might vary depending on locale and wealth, but like some nightmare moebius strip, but we are all on the trolley, and we are all on the tracks. As the seconds tick, the power of the switch to do anything at all ebbs away.

This has been your daily reminder that we are all so very, very fucked.

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