Guest post: Burying the go-to explanation

Originally a comment by Freemage on A small but important right.

It always blows my mind how swiftly virtually the entire Left forgot about the phrase “Schroedinger’s Rapist”. It was the go-to for the explanation why women couldn’t just trust a random guy, even though he might seem all right – because rapists don’t wear neon signs on their heads, and thus you only know a guy is a threat when he actually reveals himself to BE a threat.

And of course, this was true even though the vast, vast majority of men not only aren’t rapists, but are repulsed and revolted by the idea of rape. The harm that can be committed by the small minority of men who are rapists vastly outweighs the ‘harm’ done to men by not having women’s immediate trust.

So even if trans women are less likely to rape than men (unproven, of course, but a frequent claim deeply believed by the TRAs), that doesn’t lower the risk to zero (we have actual proof of that, thanks), and therefore the principle still applies.

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