Guest post: Reality plays the long game

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on No they don’t.

The National Organization for Women is defining “woman” as a “gender identity” now. How fucking feminist of them.

This is going to age really well, right? At some point, they are going to be mortified by this.

Compared to the UK, the US and Canada seem to be behind the curve. Over there, the tide appears to be turning; genderists are more on the defensive, what with the Cass report, and all of the court cases that are being decided in favour of GC belief. It’s not as if an ocean is still the same obstacle to information it once was. The legal and legislative regimes on either side of the Atlantic are different, so it might take a while for governments, courts, and organizations here to come around. Still, you’d think they’d be paying more attention to what is happening in the UK. But, they’re not.

It will start with lawsuits. Once the genderist position starts to cost somebody real money, things will shift. This fundamentally dishonest and deceptive ideology leaves broken, hurting people in its wake. They are lied to, and promised things that are impossible, things that all the force of will and rainbow flags in the world can never bring about.

Humans can’t change sex. It’s nobody’s fault; it’s not a conspiracy; that’s just how things are. The sexed body is not something that needs to be cured or corrected. To claim that it is necessary, or even possible, is a lie. That this “solution” is offered as a panacea for problems it can never address is a prescription for tragedy.

“Gender affirming care” is touted with the same enthusiastic hucksterism as the latest fad diet, though few diets have the guarantee of irreversible mutilation, sterility, and loss of sexual function listed in their Fine Print. Some of these victims will be looking for people to blame, people who should have known better. People who actually did know better. People who were responsible, but who acted irresponsibly. People who lied. There are so many it will be hard to choose. But they will be found. Precedents will be sought. The trailblazing done by UK feminists, and other adults in the room will be consulted. Someone will be made to pay. Once delusion meets Reality, things will be walked back, and tweets like this will disappear down the memory hole. Reality plays the long game, and Reality always wins. But, it can’t win soon enough.

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