Guest post: Transition is mandatory

Originally a comment by Papito on Boston Children’s Hospital.

In many American states (I haven’t added up which ones lately), therapy for kids identified as suffering from gender dysphoria, which does not affirm their transition, is considered to be “conversion therapy,” and is illegal.

In Massachusetts, the law is HR 140, passed in 2019.

The law has specific exceptions for therapists who are encouraging children to change their gender identification to the opposite gender. It only prohibits providing therapy to children that affirms their actual sex.

This law, similar to laws in dozens of other states, all passed in the last decade, makes it possible that a therapist could not only lose his license to practice, but be sued or prosecuted for providing therapy to a child that does not confirm and cement the child’s stated belief of being transgender.

In practice, this means that almost no therapists want to go anywhere near kids with gender issues, except for those therapists who most enthusiastically “affirm,” such as the ideologues hired by gender clinics. It’s hot potato with these kids until they get to a place like Children’s, which fits them in the surgical disassembly line.

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