Guest post: Words may have a gender

Originally a comment by Green Eagle on Capture.

“Gender” is a linguistic term, not a biological one. Words may have a gender; something which is far more understandable to people who speak languages like French, German or Italian, where many words have genders unrelated to the sex of the creatures they refer to. “Equus,” or “Alumnus, for example are words of the male gender, regardless of whether they refer to male or female horses or graduates. There is no such thing as an equua, and the term alumna is a construct.

Whether a person is male or female is a biological question, not a linguistic one, and is capable of being answered correctly by any minimally qualified geneticist. People who promote trans ideology do so by deliberately confusing biology with linguistics. This sort of thing seems to be much stronger in England and the US than other places, because, I believe, native English speakers do not understand the linguistic nature of gender.

In the end, this attitude has given birth to a frightening toleration for bullying as a way to determine which “facts” will be accepted. We have had a five year lesson here in the US about what happens when we allow right wingers to behave this way; if the left licenses this sort of thing too, both democracy and truth will become things of the past.

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