In practice

What’s wrong with this claim?

How does one be a woman “philosophically”? I suppose he means ontologically. How does one be a woman “in practice”? I suppose he means by doing all the playacting things – wearing skirts, simpering, tilting the head, bellowing “IT’S MA’AM!!” But of course playacting isn’t how one can be a thing. It’s how one can pretend to be a thing, and it can maybe for some thoughtful people be a path to understanding how others feel. Pretending to have a physical handicap and then trying to navigate the physical world for instance can be an eye-opener. It’s funny how pretending to be a woman doesn’t seem to work that way at all.

Anyway. My main dispute is with “we are affected by all the same stuff.” No we’re not, asshole, and saying we are is such a dudely thing to say. Men are not affected by menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, systematic preference for men in most occupations, being smaller and less muscular, having less sonorous voices, and I could go on this way for hours. No, men who dress up as women are NOT affected by all the same stuff, and this claim that they are is why the whole “trans women are women” campaign is such a fucking insult.

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