It’s normal

A guy in India has set out to persuade men to stop treating women’s bodies as swear-words.

The speaker, Sunil Jaglan, begins with a question, “Raise your hand if you have used cuss words that name mother’s, sister’s or women’s intimate body parts?”

People smile sheepishly, looking around for moral support before awkwardly raising their hands, “Everyone here has used gaali, sir, this is normal,” says one man.

“But, is it right?” asks Jaglan.

To this, the women shout: “Of course not! Why target us or our body in your slurs? Why don’t people understand when they use misogynist profanities they actually target their own mothers and sisters? Is this what we are teaching our kids?”

Yes, it is, and it’s what most people are teaching their kids.

Jaglan has since gone from village to village to spread the word, rapidly gaining support from women fed up with a culture of sexist slurs.

“It is difficult for males who don’t like to listen to womenfolk. India is a patriarchal society and such things are expected, but we are also determined to fight back,” says 19-year-old volunteer Anjali from Sarmathla village, who is at studying Haryana University.

But everywhere is a patriarchal society. India does seem particularly bad in some ways, but misogyny is global.

The UK is another country where it’s quite normal to insult people by calling them slang words for the female genitalia. Even feminists call people cunts and twats.

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