MALE athletes

I am so tired of the dishonest way journalism frames the issue of men ruining women’s sports. For instance Reuters/The Guardian:

Transgender athletes will be able to participate in community sport in New Zealand in the gender they identify with and not need to prove or justify their identity, according to new guiding principles released by Sport New Zealand.

The guidelines do not apply to elite sport and it will be up to individual sports to define where and how transgender athletes participate, the governing body said.

“An inclusive transgender policy allows individuals to take part as their self-determined gender and not as the sex they were assigned at birth,” Sport New Zealand (SNZ) said. “It does not ask people to prove or otherwise justify their gender, sex or gender identity.”

The issue isn’t “transgender athletes,” the issue is male athletes. The issue isn’t “gender identity,” the issue is male bodies. The issue isn’t “self-determined gender” versus “sex assigned at birth,” it’s male bodies versus women’s bodies. They all know that perfectly well, the journalists and editors, and they choose to obfuscate it and lie about it for the sake of this idiotic narcissistic ideology. I am so tired of it.

Transgender participation has proved controversial at amateur and elite levels, with women’s groups and some athletes saying transgender athletes should be banned from female categories to ensure fair competition.

The fourth paragraph: that’s how long it took them to hint at the real issue, but only hint at it without spelling out the part about men being bigger and stronger and faster than women are.

Journalism really needs to stop lying about this subject.

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