Not the 4th not the 6th but the 5th

Of course he did.

Trump said he invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination and did not answer questions during a deposition on Wednesday with New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office.

In a lengthy public statement, Trump lambasted James as a “failed politician” and accused her of having “intentionally colluded with others” in her three-year probe of the Trump Organization, calling the inquiry a political fishing expedition against his family. 

Please. That pool is so full of fish they don’t have room to swim.

The statement continued: “If there was any question in my mind, the raid of my home, Mar-a-Lago, on Monday by the FBI, just two days prior to this deposition, wiped out any uncertainty. I have absolutely no choice because the current Administration and many prosecutors in this Country have lost all moral and ethical bounds of decency.”

Evil criminal is furious that law enforcement is looking into his evil crimes.

James is wrapping up an aggressive three-year probe into a decade-long pattern of alleged financial wrongdoing at the Trump Organization, the multi-billion-dollar conglomerate for which Trump is the sole owner and beneficiary.

James has signaled that after her investigation wraps up, her office will bring a several-hundred-page lawsuit against Trump and his business that could seek millions in fines and even the dissolution of the company itself.

I look forward to reading the several hundred pages!

If James’ eventual lawsuit against Trump lands before a jury, Trump’s taped deposition, in which he repeatedly pleads the Fifth, would be played in open court. Under New York law, the judge would then instruct jurors that they are allowed to draw what’s called an “adverse inference” from the tape.

In other words, unlike in a criminal case, the jury would be able to hold Trump’s refusal to answer questions against him as an indication of guilt.

But it’s his conssisooshunall right.

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