Or perhaps not

The BBC seems to be nostalgic for the Jimmy Savile days.

A sex education theatre show aimed at children has been cancelled after the venue said it had received “unprecedented threats and abuse”.

Is sex education really something you want to do in a theater?

The Family Sex Show, featuring topics such as consent, pleasure and queerness, was due to be performed at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory in May.

Wtf is “queerness”? And who on earth wants some random theater company “educating” children about it?

The show also explored topics such as non-sexual nudity and gender and was aimed at children as young as five.

Who wants to take children age 5 to a sex show at a theater? Besides groomers?

Its creators ThisEgg, who were advised by safeguarding and educational specialists, said they had received “violent and illegal threats” from “a small group of people with extremist views”.

Onlookers are saying the bit about safeguarding and educational specialists is not true, and the BBC has allowed itself to be misled. This Egg’s website seems to be highly dubious.


Why don’t you little kids draw the masturbating animals you found on the internet? What could be more jolly??

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