People Forced to Remain Pregnant

An ACLU promo on Facebook did what it’s supposed to do and got me to click the ACLU link and read and then to look for more. The second item is Ban Forced Pregnancy.

As the Supreme Court appears prepared to gut or overturn Roe v. Wade, the threat to our abortion rights has never been closer to becoming reality. Already, roughly half of all states are poised to ban abortion, and politicians could even push to ban abortion nationwide if they have the opportunity. As a result, people across the country could be forced to remain pregnant against their will, losing control over their own bodies and futures.

People! Actual people! I used to think it was just women, so meh, but now that I know it’s people, I see that this really matters.

Laws that prevent people from making their own decisions about whether to continue a pregnancy or have an abortion amount to forced pregnancy. … Long-term consequences include…Increased levels of poverty for people turned away from the abortion care they need and an inability to cover basic needs like food, housing, and transportation… Policies that force people to remain pregnant and give birth are unconscionable, cruel, and dangerous. Lives and futures are at stake.

Actual lives – the lives of people.

How are People Already Being Forced to Remain Pregnant?

Shortly after Roe established the right to abortion, politicians rushed to undercut the landmark decision by passing increasingly cruel abortion restrictions — including laws preventing people from using their insurance to cover abortion care, mandating care be delayed for a certain amount of time, requiring parental consent for young people

Etc etc etc in the same vein, scrupulously excluding the word “women.”

Fuck the ACLU.

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