Positive how?

But what’s the point of it?

A children’s story hour run by a drag queen in Cardiff was targeted by protesters claiming it was “sexualising their children”.

The Drag Queen Story Hour Tour arrived in Wales this week with the final event being held in Cardiff Central Library.

Story-teller Sab Samuel said it provided a “positive experience” and said there was no sexual content.

But in what way is it a positive experience? What’s the point of it? Why drag queens and not drag kings? Why men dressed up as women and not women dressed up as men? What is it all supposed to mean?

Police are forced to escort Drag Queen to safety after protesters storm  children's event - New York Daily Paper

What does it mean? What are children supposed to take from it? What does a man dressed and made up as an extremely flashy flarey overdressed parody of a woman teach children? Why is it only women being mocked this way? Why are there no parody men wearing flashy flarey military dictator uniforms and massive handlebar mustaches?

All genuine questions. I don’t get what the cover story is – what is supposed to be either fun or educational about it, and what explanation is given for the fact that it’s only women who are mocked.

There were about 15 protesters in attendance with many more in support of the event, wearing clothes adorned with the rainbow flag.

Why the rainbow flag? Isn’t the rainbow flag supposed to be for women and men? Not just men?

Sab, whose drag character is Aida H Dee, says the intention was to provide a positive experience about queer culture and providing a positive role model for people to look up [to].

But if that’s the intention why is it only men mocking women?

He said: “I came to Cardiff to join, what I know is a large LGBTQ community and large Drag Queen community. I don’t think Drag Queen Story Hour would have thrived as it has without the support Wales gives with its culture and community.

“It makes me feel depressed that these hateful people exist in dark corners of every country. These people do exist and they inspire me to keep going and to write more stories. This is the exact reason I do what I do.”

But what do you do? You dress up as a parody of women. I’m not seeing the inspiration.

The BBC represents the protests as entirely homophobic, but I don’t think it knows that. The BBC of course does not ask why there are no lesbians dressed up as men at these story hours.

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