Profiles in chickenshit

Bros before hos, I guess.

Of course I don’t. Nobody does. That’s not “courage,” it’s triumphant cheating. It’s a man cheating women, and courage is not the quality it requires. Narcissism and entitlement, yes, courage, no. Utter contempt for women, yes, courage, no.

David Bradford is the fitness editor for Cycling Weekly. Men helping other men cheat women in sports: what a picture.

Updating: Forgot his follow-up.

What has the reaction been? Anger at his flattery of Bridges’s “courage,” of course, from women pointing out that Bridges’s “courage” is actually his effrontery in cheating women in their own sport. He simply brushes that off as if it means absolutely nothing, and admires the cheater’s “courage” even more.

It’s astonishing.

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