No matter what competitors say

Bicycling Magazine tweeted a couple of days ago:

.@rachelvmckinnon is going to continue racing—doing what she loves to do, which she has a right to do—no matter what internet commenters or competitors say.

The linked article is from January.

The wording of the tweet is odd. It sounds like any male abuser or schoolyard bully…you can almost hear the word “bitch” as you read it. That “no matter what competitors say” – that’s a defiance too many, I would think. “McKinnon is going to continue cheating no matter what competitors say” – they really want to go there?

It’s also an odd picture to use. McKinnon towers over the woman, which underlines the fact that he’s cheating.

Reactions are not uniformly impressed.

So brave of you to encourage and support cheating. So very brave and…predictable.

And a female athlete is excluded every time Rachel competes. So inclusive.

Women rarely win against men in competitive sport because male bodies are bigger. That’s why female categories were established, not to accommodate the inner ‘feelings’ of individuals.

Of course Rachael has a right to compete, IN THE MALE CATEGORY.

As usual my question is, who came 4th? Because that’s the woman who’s been cheated out of a medal & a place on that podium, that’s the woman who may now not get a sponsorship, that’s the woman who has trained hard but lost to a man. McKinnon isn’t a world Champion, he’s a cheat.

There’s just nothing quite like it for reminding us that we – women – don’t matter.

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