Sir, there is a test

This is very performative, very self-refuting, very watch this backfire, very corroborative of the thing it claims to deny. This is Trump telling a crowd he’s not stupid, and demonstrating how stupid he is by doing so.

I think it’s diagnostic, that inability to talk in complete sentences, the helpless self-interrupting whenever a new thought intrudes. Isn’t it? That’s not normal cognitive functioning, surely. He’s trying to tell the adoring crowd how not stupid he is, but he can’t not interrupt himself to say who “Doc Ronny” is and then to interrupt that to say he’s now a Representative and then to interrupt that to say how many votes he got – fifdee doo – and so on and on. He’s too stupid to realize how he’s coming across, too stupid not to reveal his own stupidity second by second.

Business Insider

During Saturday’s rally in Ohio, Trump detailed once again that he aced a cognitive test in 2018. “I don’t like being called stupid,” Trump said. 

The test Trump referenced is called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. It is not an IQ test but rather a tool to spot early signs of dementia and other memory issues. 

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