Listen, if makers of menstrual products can’t insult women who can? What kind of country is this, anyway? Can’t you bitches take a joke? It was funny. You’re funny. You’re a joke, so are we supposed to pretend you’re not?

Tampax has been accused of “sexualising women” after posting a controversial tweet that has gone viral and led to calls to boycott the company.

The US arm of the sanitary hygiene brand posted on Monday: “You’re in their DMs. We’re in them. We are not the same.”

The tweet spoofs the classic internet meme that reads, “You are in their direct messages”, meaning to approach someone romantically, with the follow-up remark of “I am…”.

Romantically? You mean sexually.

Tampax US, which is owned by the multinational firm Procter & Gamble and has featured Amy Schumer in adverts promoting the brand, states on its website that it’s mission is to “make period conversations as normal as periods so women and all who bleed can feel educated, empowered and limitless every day of the month.”

There is no “and” after “women.” The all who bleed in the way Tampax means are women and girls. There is no other category of people who bleed that way.

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