He’s a Mx

The Denver Post:

The person suspected of killing five and wounding 18 after opening fire in a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs is nonbinary, their defense attorney wrote in court filings Tuesday.

Uproar in court!

Notice the punctilious “their defense attorney” – on the one hand homophobic mass murderer but on the other hand nonbinareeeeeeee, must get them there pronouns right.

Joseph Archambault and Michael Bowman, the state public defenders for suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich, filed a slew of motions Tuesday and included a footnote about Aldrich’s identity.

“Anderson Aldrich is nonbinary,” the footnote states. “They use they/them pronouns, and for the purposes of all formal filings, will be addressed as Mx. Aldrich.”

Now what? How will they all deal? Whose idenninee outweighs whose?

Aldrich is being held on suspicion of murder and bias-motivated crimes in connection to the shooting at Club Q late Saturday night.

But what kind of bias? What kind of bias can he have? We’re told and told and told and TOLD that “LGBTQ+” is all one communineeee so how can he have a bias against his own communineeee?

Aldrich, who was injured after being attacked by the patrons who stopped the shooting, was released from a Colorado Springs hospital on Tuesday and booked into the El Paso County Jail.

They are scheduled to make their first court appearance virtually from the jail on Wednesday.

The idennineee police will be there to make sure no pronouns are insulted.

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