Guest post: It’s like voting to annul gravity

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on He’s a Mx.

In the initial digging through the killer’s online tracks, was there the faintest whiff of ‘nonbinary-ism? Were ANY pronouns specified? Might this be a bit of theatre to mock the victims? [John the Drunkard]

But according to the logic of self-ID, the sudden “discovery” of one’s EnBeeness, or Transness is perfectly legitimate and must be respected, centered, and validated. That won’t stop them from playing the “No True NB” card, though. They want it both ways, and they want it now. Trans activism has long since stopped seeing (if it ever saw to start with) the many contradictions in its position. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense, coheres or is consistent. Trans activists don’t need to convince anyone if they can browbeat and bully everyone into compliance. Better still if they can get others to do their bullying for them. Who needs vote and consultation and consent when you can bludgeon your way to your policy goals?

It is mildly shocking that a government is so willing to discredit itself by passing something as fundamentally opposed to reality as this bill. It’s like voting to annul gravity. Gravitation is never going to be brought to book, or appear in the dock. The world won’t give a shit, and people will keep falling down, even if you do lock up everyone who points this out unfortunate fact. Punishing the people who know how reality works, and arresting those who “calls it as they sees it” is all they’ll be able manage. They’ll run out of gaol cells and prisons long before Reality changes its mind. The world will go on its merry way, producing only two sexes of humans, without regard to Scottish Law, which can only prosecute recalcitrant humans rather than a blithely unconcerned biology.

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