There is no such community

Here’s a strange thing: Club Q in Colorado Springs describes itself as a gay or gay and lesbian adult bar, yet most of the headlines call it LGBTQ+. When did adding the TQ+ become absolutely mandatory with no exceptions? Why can’t lesbians and gay men organize and talk and agitate as lesbians and gay men? Why are they being forced to add trans people, when being trans is not the same thing as being lesbian or gay?

CNN: What we know about the suspect in the Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub shooting

NBC News: Live updates: Colorado LGBTQ nightclub shooting victims mourned as community pushes for answers

Washington Post: Shooting at popular LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs leave at least 5 dead

ABC News: Colorado club shooting updates: Suspect named after 5 dead, dozens injured at LGBTQ nightclub

Reuters: Colorado Springs police probe motive in LGBTQ nightclub

Thanks to all this forced teaming we get bullying crap like this from relentless bully Billy the bully Bragg:

They specifically excluded plumbers, ballet dancers, miners, academics, astronauts, poets, too; so what? What law is it that says an alliance of lesbians, gays and bisexuals has to name-check trans people?

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