From one community in particular

Trans person explains why you are required to want to have sex with trans people.

So, how did we get here? How did not wanting to have sex with human beings from one community in particular become a legitimate preference?

By “one community in particular” they mean trans people. “Community” can mean anything though. It can mean “particularly smelly unwashed unsavory people.” It can mean rapists, murderers, Trump fans, anything. I think we should be free to not want to have sex with Trump fans or rapists. Hauling in the sacred word “community” doesn’t change that.

The othering of transgender people in sexual contexts is not only in the context of dating or intimacy. It’s systemic and as such it bleeds into most interactions and environments — dating and sex is no exception.

So we’re not only not allowed to have sexual preferences, we’re also not allowed to have social preferences? We can’t just like people we like and leave the others behind?

Ah well. Reading ahead it gets even more boring, too boring to argue with. What an arid pointless empty little world this person lives in, obsessing over being trans and daydreaming about forcing everyone to center trans people, and leaving everything else there is to think about unexplored.

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