What they don’t see

So why doesn’t Harrop see it? Why do all the “TERF”-bashers not see it? Harrop’s claim is that people can’t overrule or overcome their sexual preferences and they shouldn’t be pressured to. What if that inability and right not to be pressured about it apply to more than just sexual preferences? What if they apply to other kinds of inter-relating?

What if, for instance, gender critical feminists can interact with trans women as women in some situations but not all? What if we want to reserve the right to talk to other women – literal women – about some subjects, especially those that affect us as women, because we’re women, and don’t affect men the same way, because they’re men? What if that wanting is something we cannot overcome, any more than Harrop can overcome his genital preferences? What if we can pretend to overcome but not actually overcome, and what if forcing us to do the first in all circumstances is not fair to us? What then?

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