Such a malign influence

Graham reminds us of the video that should destroy Mermaids:

Now that the Tavistock is to shut down, at such speed that we can only guess the Cass report is to deliver a ferocious verdict on their operations, it’s time to look again at Mermaids, the organisation that has had such a malign influence over the centre.

Even the Alder Hey organs scandal didn’t lead to the hospital having to close. This is an extraordinary moment.

I believe that Susie Green’s Ted Talk provides all the evidence needed to shut Mermaids down.

“My husband wasn’t happy with our gender nonconforming son. So we put him on hormones and then castrated him. “ Not quite how she phrases it but that’s the basis of her insane speech. I still find it astonishing that she said all of this out loud. The video is publicly available, has presumably had millions of views and yet Green has never had to face the obvious questions that arise from it.

It turns out that trying to turn children into mermaids isn’t such a good idea. Cutting off their legs and giving them a fake fish tail instead makes their lives more difficult than necessary – who knew?!

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