The infamous Jolyon Maugham

I learned a new thing about Jolyon Maugham’s bullying of the LGB Alliance via an article by Julie Bindel:

Eventually, activists found a way to get to the LGBA. The story is this: LGBA applied for funding to the Arts Council England’s, ‘Let’s Create Jubilee Fund’ for a film about gay men’s lives through the period of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. Queens would have been an important record of the history of the fight for liberation from bigotry, prejudice and legal discrimination, and a celebration of gay culture.

In March the Alliance was notified that the application was successful, but then the sharks circled. LGBA was informed by the Arts Council that its charitable status had been under scrutiny and as such would embargo the grant decision. On the same day, the grant was suspended. Yesterday, on the 20th April, the grant was officially rescinded. LGBA was instructed to return the money.

Much of the hatred displayed towards LGBA is fuelled by The Good Law Project, run by the infamous Jolyon Maugham, who bragged he had clubbed a fox to death whilst wearing his wife’s kimono in 2019. Maugham is a trans-activist who, when the funding for LGBA was announced, tweeted his strong disapproval to his 373,000 followers…

So I found the tweet in question:


It turns out the source was:

That’s a malicious distortion of their meaning. The stupid + at the end of LGBTQ+ is what it is, i.e. a non-specific “et cetera,” which could mean anything…like, sex with children, sex with animals, telling children to Google masturbating animals, and whatever sunshiney item crosses someone’s mind. LGBA’s point is obviously that adding the “+” is a mistake because it’s undefined and therefore nothing is ruled out. LGBA’s point is not to “compare being trans to bestiality.” Jolyon Maugham is such a sleaze.

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