Those who serve the public good

The “Good Law Project” fundraiser for their attack on the LGBA:

Charitable status is earned by those who serve the public good. Denigrating trans people, attacking those who speak for them, and campaigning to remove legal protections from them is the very opposite of a public good. 

None of that is what the LGBA is doing. He’s not very scrupulous with his accusations, that fox-basher guy.

Whatever sweet nothings the so-called “LGB Alliance” whispered into the ear of the Charity Commission

That’s just rude, and kind of sexist. We’re meant to think the LGBA people are like prostitutes.

…the truth was set out in a speech by LGB Alliance director Bev Jackson on 9 March 2020. She described their real goal as follows:

We’re applying for charitable status and building an organization to challenge the dominance of those who promote the damaging theory of gender identity.”

We’re allowed to challenge dominance. Women are allowed to challenge male dominance. The trans “movement” is riddled with male dominance. Jolyon Maugham is massively domineering.

The money is pouring in of course. Lotta “activists” out there.

Updating to add JCJ’s much more succinct (and witty) take.

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