Offering to discuss the issue in public

Jolyon Maugham QC says he would love to discuss it with a gender critical feminist, so a GC feminist says I’d love to discuss it with you Jolyon, so…

He says it.

Privately. For their privacy only. So we don’t know who they are or what they said or why his offer was “without success.” We don’t even know whether we should believe him or not. We do know he has carefully hidden the evidence and offered an explanation for the hiding of the evidence, one that seems a bit implausible on its face. If they’re high profile why would they be so bashful?

Jolyon? Anything?

Ah there he is at last.

So he will only discuss it with a select list of GC feminists, ones Kathleen Stock will know but he can’t name because [something something], on the basis of their shared belief in light as opposed to heat. So apparently he thinks Stock doesn’t belong to that category? But that’s absurd – she’s famous for being reasonable and fair and not shouty.

Maugham left it there, as far as I can tell (Twitter loves to hide the replies you’re looking for and show you the ones you aren’t). LetterWike stepped up.

Jolyon? Anything?

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