Another blood libel

There’s another thing Jolyon Maugham said a couple of days ago…

That’s not it (I’m getting to it), but I’ll just say I haven’t seen anything like that from the gender critical side. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but on the other hand, I think if it did exist we would be buried in screen shots of it. I doubt that it does exist. I think Maugham is equating skepticism about Magic Gender with calling women ugly hearted cunts. I think they are very different.

But that wasn’t it; this is it.

It’s the assertion that “deliberate misgendering” will “contribute to deaths and self-harm” and that that’s a very real wrong done by all of us who don’t believe in Magic Gender, including Maya. It’s the assertion that Maya’s non-compliance with orders to pretend that men are women will cause trans people to die.

He’s a QC. He has some fame and clout. He shouldn’t say things like that.

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