What forces?

Another odd argument from Jolyon Maugham, which started with a gripe about the state of the BBC:

John Humphries may be gone but his attitude to equalities lives on at the BBC. If you’d like to know more about self-ID this Q&A – from leading feminist charity @fawcettsociety
– is well worth a read. https://fawcettsociety.org.uk/sex-gender-and-gender-identity-qa

What naughty Nick Robinson had said:

Should the law treat me as a woman if I chose to identify as one? Yes @lucianaberger
of the @LibDems told me on @BBCr4today despite criticism by some women that their rights are being ignored

Maugham argues in response:

The purpose of societal norms isn’t to guard against the worst amongst us – that’s the job of the criminal law. It is to express the values we share, conditioned by a desire to respect difference and protect the vulnerable.

But who in this dispute has the relevant “difference”? Who is “vulnerable”?

At a later point he explains:

My tweet was a response to those saying “if you let those with xy chromosomes into women’s toilets they might molest women.” I was making the point that if they do the criminal law can deal with them. And also that there are other forces that stop those are not women…

… (such as Nick Robinson) from using women’s toilets but allow those who are women (including transwomen) to use them. And those “other forces” are an important part of how a functioning society self-regulates. Hope that helps.

It doesn’t help, because what “other forces” are those? How do they work, where do we find them, how do we invoke them? What other forces are there that distinguish – instantly, on the spot – between those that are not women, like Nick Robinson, and those that are, including trans women? What forces are there that distinguish – instantly, on the spot – between men pretending to claim to be women, as a joke or to make a point, and real genuine authentic actual vulnerable women of the subset trans? What forces are those?

I doubt that he has the faintest idea what those forces are or what they could be, and I think he is able to be so blithe about it because it doesn’t affect him.

I’m so tired of being lectured by clueless men on the need to be more accommodating of the vulnerability of men who say they are women.

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