The symbols of what did you say?

Yet another sneaky dishonest bit of word manipulation to deceive the readers or audience: Kezia Dugdale, former Member of the Scottish Parliament in the Times:

There is a rotten irony in the tagline “women won’t wheest.” That line is used by many campaigners against the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, which will go through its stage 3 proceedings in the Scottish parliament this week. The phrase implies both that women are united in opposition to this legislation and that they have been somehow silenced during the bill’s passage.

From where I sit, it is the women who support this legislation who find themselves voiceless: women who have watched the colours green, white and purple, the symbols of universal suffrage, be appropriated by a cause they don’t support…

There it is. Yes, the colours green, white and purple are symbols of universal suffrage but not just any old universal suffrage, but specifically women’s suffrage. It’s not a straight-up lie to say the colours are symbols of universal suffrage but it’s highly misleading and incomplete and deceptive. The flag stands for women’s suffrage. Dugdale of course knows this but she pretends not to.

All too typical, isn’t it – take something that’s for women and force it to become more “universal” and thus take it away from women. All Lives Matter.

While I have written previously about what this proposed legislation does and does not do, I have resisted the temptation to enter the debate online or in the media, safe in the knowledge that the bill had a parliamentary majority. It would pass, and so too in time would the fractious debate. But with hours to go, I feel that there is a need to call out the populist tactics at play and to defend the process and indeed the people this bill is really about — the trans community — and their human right to live their lives with dignity and respect.

Anything about women’s right to live their lives with dignity and respect? Nah.

Opponents of this bill fall into two categories: those who want to diminish the universal human rights of trans people because of the actions of predatory men pretending to be something they are not, and those who simply do not believe changing sex is something that is possible.

Wait a second!

Nobody wants to or is trying to “diminish the universal human rights of trans people.” It is not a universal human right to force people to say you are the sex you are not. It never has been. Search the UDHR until there are spots before your eyes, you won’t find it. It’s not a universal human right for men to be able to force women to say the men are women. That doesn’t even resemble a human right.

This bill is one of the most consulted upon in Scottish parliamentary history. Those opposed to it do not want delays to improve it, they want to use them to dilute and defeat it. Each attempt to postpone or weaken the legislation perpetuates the unfounded stereotype of trans women as violent or predatory.

Another lie. That’s at least the third lie in this shambolic editorial. Nobody claims all trans women are violent or predatory; feminists point out that all trans women are men. We point out that just as with other men, we can’t know which ones are violent and predatory in advance, so we need some privacy away from men when we’re vulnerable.

Please, tell us more about “rotten irony.”

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